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How We Work With You

We use a variety of approaches to work with our clients, based on your needs and interests:

  • As a trusted advisor, providing support and guidance on big picture strategy issues
  • Intensive, on-site technical assistance and consultation that is highly customized to your needs and circumstances
  • Expert facilitation for group decision making and planning
  • Training for groups of grantees and program leaders
  • Coaching and capacity building for state and local intermediary organizations and technical assistance providers
  • Lighter touch support for networks of grantees using the latest technology for distance learning opportunities
  • Research and analysis on promising approaches and evidence-based practices
  • Tool development to help you take stock of where you are and design strategies to garner new resources or overcome challenges

What We're Working On

Financing Digital Media and Learning Initiatives:

Mainspring is conducting research and analysis of innovative financing approaches and developing new financial models to sustain the MacArthur Foundation's digital media and learning networks.



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