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About Us

Founding partners Margaret Flynn-Khan, Barbara Hanson Langford, and Victoria Wegener have worked together for more than a decade. We offer a unique set of skills that combine research and analysis with expert technical assistance and facilitation. This comprehensive capacity enables us to not only conduct high quality research projects, but also to structure and design effective planning processes that support leaders in using new information and analyses and making durable decisions that move from good thinking to action.

  • Ability to Conduct High Quality Research and Analysis and Depth of Knowledge of Funding Sources and Financing Strategies That Can Support Children, Youth and Families. Flynn-Khan, Langford and Wegener are recognized experts in financing supports and services for children, youth and families and have content expertise in the major funding streams supporting programs and services in the fields of youth development, education, child welfare, early care and education, housing, and economic development. We have authored and/or overseen the development of numerous publications, analyses, and briefs on maximizing particular funding sources and developing innovative financing strategies to support particular sets of services as well as systems infrastructure.
  • Proven Capacity to Design Technical Assistance and Facilitate Planning Processes. We are seasoned facilitators with experience designing and delivering technical assistance. We have managed multiple technical assistance projects for national foundation and government initiatives and facilitated intensive planning processes in the fields of child welfare, afterschool, community schools, early care and education, youth development, and community development. Our clients consistently report that meetings are productive and well-organized and that tools and information are relevant and useful.
  • Depth of Expertise in Designing and Delivering High Quality Training. We have extensive experience designing and delivering high quality training experiences that help participants learn new information, apply these concepts and tools to their current work, and leave with clear action plans moving forward. We have created a variety of sustainability planning training curricula for individual programs and organizations as well as state and community collaboratives in the fields of child welfare, afterschool, early care and education, health, substance abuse prevention, and community development.


Margaret Flynn-Khan
Margaret Flynn-Khan has worked as a senior manager and consultant with a particular emphasis on supporting planning for the sustainability of collaborative initiatives in education and child welfare. [read more]

Barbara Hanson Langford
Barbara Hanson Langford has served in program, policy, and executive positions and led efforts to develop and deliver an array of technical assistance and training services on financing and sustaining initiatives serving children, families and communities. [read more]

Victoria Wegener
Victoria Wegener is a seasoned trainer and facilitator, a national expert in the field of afterschool, and has provided training and technical assistance activities for projects related to afterschool, early care and education, and youth development. [read more]

What We're Working On

Statewide Afterschool Networks:

Mainspring acts as the lead facilitator and manager for the C.S. Mott Foundation's Afterschool Technical Assistance Collaborative (ATAC), a partnership of national organizations that provide support to the foundation's statewide afterschool networks and partnership states.

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