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About Flynn-Khan

Margaret Flynn-Khan has worked as a senior manager and consultant with a particular emphasis on supporting planning for the sustainability of collaborative initiatives in education and child welfare. She has helped leaders of collaborative initiatives across the country to agree on a shared vision for their work and then identify and activate the range of resources needed to achieve that vision. To support this work, Margaret has conducted research and produced a number of publications exploring funding sources and financing strategies to support education and child welfare initiatives. Margaret co-authored Adding it Up: A Guide to Mapping Public Resources for Children, Youth, and Families, which helps government and nonprofit leaders to make sense of the complicated landscape of public and private funding sources supporting services for children and families. She has designed and implemented fiscal analysis projects in multiple communities including analyzing child welfare investments in the states of Iowa, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Her recent research projects have emphasized assessing systemic impacts, including examining the extent to which foundation investments effectively leverage resources and influence public policy and public agency practice. Margaret is a former Practice Group Leader for Vulnerable Children and Youth at The Finance Project, a national policy research and technical assistance organization. Margaret holds a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Connecticut.

What We're Working On

Statewide Afterschool Networks:

Mainspring acts as the lead facilitator and manager for the C.S. Mott Foundation's Afterschool Technical Assistance Collaborative (ATAC), a partnership of national organizations that provide support to the foundation's 47 statewide afterschool networks and partnership states.


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